Why You Should Install Sound Blankets in Your Room

If you are planning to use your room as a sort of musical studio, installing top of the line sound blankets could be necessary. This can help you have big advantages through your sessions, which can lead you to have great results from your music projects. Continue reading to know if you should buy sound blankets.

What are Sound Blankets?

For starters, a sound blanket or acoustic blanket is composed of thick layers of fabric. These help in absorbing the sound you produce in your room. That function alone could help you elimiate problems if you are doing music recording or practice sessions in your room. Click here 3D HD Gear

How They Can Help You

Minimize Reverberating Echoes

Professional musicians know that echoes can be destructive in the recording. Reverberations can easily ruin the output of your track and could make it harder for you to edit it. Audio blankets can help a lot in minimizing such echoes by absorbing them into its layered fabrics, thus reducing sound reflection.

Avoid Disturbing Others

You do not want to play your instruments and have someone knocking at your door to quiet you down. As mentioned earlier, sound blankets can absorb sound waves, thus it will not permeate the fabric. That prevents the loud sounds of your instruments from coming out of the walls.

How Acoustic Blankets Work

Probably you are curious on how acoustic blankets helps absorb sound waves. Though it seems complicated, it is actually quite simple.

Acoustic blankets have several layers of fabric, with the innermost being the “sound absorbing” layer. The outer layers are made from fabric that could let sound pass through them. As a result, sound does not reflect back, and it does not pass through the innermost layer as well. In fact, a good audio blanket could absorb 80% of the sound that reaches it.

Buying and Installing Acoustic Blankets

If you want to cover your walls with acoustic blankets, make sure you will buy quality items you can use. Better acoustic blanket quality also means there’s better sound absorption. Thus, if someone suggests you to use moving blankets instead, don’t listen to them. Moving blankets do not have adequate layers that could help in absorbing sound waves.

Thus, make sure to purchase acoustic blankets with inner layers made from high-quality vinyl, cotton, mineral wool, and fibreglass. Those are materials that could effectively absorb sound, and prevent it from bouncing back. If you cannot find the best for you to buy, you can check out these sound blankets from 3dhdgear for quality choice.

Regarding its installation, you can opt to buy acoustic blankets with grommet holes on its edges. All you have to do is install hooks at the upper parts of your walls and hang your acoustic blankets.

Considering to install sound blankets on your walls is definitely a great idea. With their help, you can get the best results on your music projects.

Post Author: Camille