Choosing the right Pump for your Water Pumping Station

A water pumping station, whether we like it or not, is an essential part of urban planning especially in Australia, which has a rugged terrain. It needs powerful pumps to move safe tap water for drinking around different cities in the country. Water pumps are also used to move other fluids, such as wastewater out to the main sewage system.

2 Common types of water pumps

There are actually two general types of water pumps which can be used in a water pumping station, namely, the centrifugal pump and the positive displacement pump. They might have different mechanisms but they have one purpose, that is, to move water from one point to another as regularly as possible.

  • Centrifugal Water Pump

Centrifugal pumps function with the use of rotating impellers in a pressurised environment to move water. It is best used for thin liquids, but, it can also be effective for liquids with low viscosity. Centrifugal pumps are used for a wide range of industrial, commercial, and residential infrastructures to move water. They can be essentially beneficial for buildings, fire protection systems, water heater system, wastewater treatment and utilisation, and sump pits. To know more about water treatments and water pumps, visit Global Water.

  • Positive Displacement Water Pumps

Positive displacement water pumps are very useful in delivering a steady amount of flow through expanding and contracting cavities which balance the suction and discharge process. These pumps are highly used in industries which manage fluids with high viscosity. Although these pumps are generally efficient, they also have some drawbacks as they require the appropriate space between the rotating pump and the outer edge to prevent fluid erosion during operations.

Factors to consider

Whatever industry you are right now, it is important to learn about the factors that you must consider before buying pumps for your Australian water pumping station. The primary things to point out include performance, brand reputation and quality, the level of noise that the pump might produce, and the energy it can consume.

  • Performance

When buying pumps for your water pumping station in Australia, performance is one of the essentials that you must consider. But, the performance of water pumps is mainly dependent on other things such as the number of outlets, and how simultaneous they can operate, and the number of outlets which require a higher amount of water and pressure.

  • Brand reputation and quality

Another thing that you must consider when buying water pumps for an efficient water pumping station is the reputation of the brand or maker. Marketing campaigns would naturally express all beneficial features of any pump brand, but not their drawbacks. To verify the quality of the pump that you wish to purchase, look for some customer feedbacks online firsthand.

  • Noise level

There are several types of water pumps used for industrial, commercial, and residential purposes, and they may greatly differ in noise level, suction, and discharge mechanisms, sizes, and the types of fluids they carry. If you want the ones which are less noisy or with no noise at all, you might as well find water pumping station submersible pumps. Visit