Qualities of Good Project Governance

Nowadays, project governance consulting is considered a norm. There’s nothing to be ashamed of in seeking outside help to ensure that your projects are successful. This does not mean that your people are incompetent and unable to properly carry out a project without outside help. However, a third party professional, who has nothing to gain or lose from the project’s outcome can give fresh views, unbiased advice and objective recommendations.

You can look for p3o assistance services for your current project. However, how can you tell if your current project governance experts are delivering top services? Here are some qualities that you may see during the project’s duration that proves your project governance consulting is definitely working.

Constant Monitoring

Monitoring is extremely important after developing a project governance framework, as this is the phase where planning is carried out. Efficient project governance experts know how to delegate tasks, divide the project into efficient yet realistic milestones, and give accurate estimates on any budgetary concerns.

Proper Control Hierarchy

When delegating tasks, it’s not enough that you divide the tasks and assign them to different people. It’s equally important to establish a chain of command for the project. Who reports to whom, and who is responsible for this and that. Control hierarchy not only ensures that people know where they stand during the project, but it also makes it easier for the superior to step in when a person under his control is lagging behind or messes up.

Human Factor

Project assurance dictates that managers should not only monitor how the project is progressing but how people are reacting towards it. The longer a project is, the more important it is to acknowledge the human factor. People on your team, no matter how effective, are not robots. At first, they may feel motivated, but certain events that transpire throughout the project duration may make them feel demotivated or lower their self-esteem.

Project governance consulting knows how important it is to keep people in check. Some people may take well to criticism, others don’t. Some bounce back from mistakes and do even better while others just give up. Some may quit in the middle of the project while others may be incapacitated by things outside their control, like accidents or illness. People may disagree and sometimes, heated arguments may come up. Good project governance balances the focus between hitting objectives and milestones and making sure the people behind the project are also doing well.

Adheres To Values

Each business has set goals, values and principles. Most of them are displayed in offices and company handbooks. Although nobody pays a lot of attention to them, a company’s core values should be taken into consideration when planning a project. If a company is eco-friendly, then that must be taken into consideration. If a company’s main goal is to give back to society, then the project should reflect those as well. Although project governance experts have sufficient knowledge and expertise in handling projects, they should also conform and acknowledge the values of the companies they’re working with.

If your project governance consulting has all these, then you’re setting yourself up for guaranteed success. Not only will you have a fully executed project with efficient budget use at the designated time, but your team will also feel better about their accomplishments and appreciate the company they work for more.

Post Author: Camille